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- Journal of Education No 3 - 2009.

- Journal of Education No 2 - 2009.

- Journal of Education No 1 - 2009.

- Journal of Education No 4 - 2008.

- Journal of Education No 3 - 2008.

- Journal of Education No 2 - 2008.

"Journal of Education"

"Journal of Education"
•Internet presentation of the work of the society - web site
• Interactive teaching: The new school of Petar Savic
Struggle against molesting children at schools

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:: The Mission and Goals ::
The mission of the Society is to encourage and coordinate the activities of pedagogues in Serbia towards improvement of practice in education and up-bringing, development of pedagogical science through scientific work and research and the increase of the degree of professionalism, professional autonomy and responsibility of pedagogues in education. We are also there to provide educational services to all the interest parties feeling the need for further education through contemporary achievements of pedagogical science and practice.
•  Profesionalization of the work of the Society
•  Decentraliztion of the work of the Society
•  Active participation in the reform and education practice
•  Cooperation with domestic and international professional institutions and NGOs

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:: about us ::
Experience, knowledge, answer to the future

The Pedagogic Society of Serbia
is a voluntary professional organization of pedagogy graduates, i.e. professors of
pedagogy and others studying up-bringing and education professionally and scientifically .

• Organization and carrying out seminars, panels and other forms of professional improvement for the members of the Society, teachers and all the others interested in the problems of education and up-bringing
• Publishing of the Journal of Education and books in the edition “Little pedagogical library” and special editions
• Editing of the site

On the the 25-th of December 1949 the pedagogues of the NRS held a meeting for the establishment of the Society of Pedagogues in Belgrade in the hall of the Teacher's School in the Street "Narodnog Heroja" in Belgrade . From that day... read more ...

We want an Society with a leading position among professional societies in the field of education. An Society gathering all the pedagogues from educational institutions, students of the final year of pedagogical studies on our Universities, working together with other interest parties and building a quality education for everybody.

Business Philosophy
The business philosophy of the Society is based on the concepts of advertising, meaning that it is oriented towards the fulfilling of the needs and demands of the users –first of all the members of the Society, but also of all the others collaborating with the Society. It is our plan to simplify and improve the quantity and the quality of information our users get by using the latest technologies and to create the starting point and support for every project developing our internet site.


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